Enticed by photographs of these green tarns and red volcanoes, I did a four-day walk in the Tongariro National Park.

Almost everybody starts walking the hugely popular Tongariro Alpine Crossing from the west, finishing at the northern trailhead. I chose to start where they were due to finish, so after a few hours alone, I began passing an endless stream of hikers. Everybody starts really early though: by the time I returned to the Emerald Lakes just before sunset (after some summit climbs), there was absolutely nobody to be seen.

Cadbury Moro bars are popular in NZ - they're essentially the same as Mars bars, but made by Cadbury. I wonder why they're here and nowhere else.

Another difference (you see, I'm stocking up on food for camping, so thinking about these things) is that nutrition information on food packaging is only in kJ, not kcal. In Europe, even in fully metric-using countries, both are normally shown.