Millford Sound

I visited Millford Sound on a day when the weather was most typical of the region - pissing it down. While you don't see the full heights of the mountains, nor have the chance of spectacular photos, it did mean a surplus of waterfalls pouring down every smallest crack or gully of the sheer cliffs which drop right down into the lake. It's all granite around here, and hence hasn't eroded to the extent softer rocks would have done. It's all very impressive, and most of it clearly inaccessible except by boat. Even the road to Millford Sound is dramatic, with a climb across the main divide of the Southern Alps (the watershed), at which point a tunnel leads quite steeply down hill towards the Sound. We're told it's misnamed - it's a fiord, not a sound (being formed by glacial action, rather than being a sunken river valley).