Yardbirds Albums

This is not intended to be a comprehensive Yardbirds album discography. It merely lists the main contemporary albums. For a full listing, it is best to refer to Greg Russo's book Yardbirds: The Ultimate Rave-Up.
I have listed separately several contemporary LPs generally acknowledged to be compilations rather than bona fide albums.

Five Live Yardbirds

Recorded and released: 1964
Album cover

LyricsOriginal Chuck Berry LyricsToo Much Monkey Business
LyricsGot Love If You Want It
LyricsSmokestack Lightning
LyricsGood Morning Little Schoolgirl
LyricsFive Long Years
LyricsPretty Girl
LyricsBo Diddley LyricsI'm A Man
LyricsHere 'Tis

Roger the Engineer

Originally titled: The Yardbirds
Recorded and released: 1966
Released in the US as Over Under Sideways Down
Album cover

LyricsLost Woman
LyricsOver Under Sideways Down
InformationLyricsThe Nazz Are Blue
LyricsI Can't Make Your Way
LyricsRack My Mind
InformationHot House Of Omagararshid
Jeff's Boogie
LyricsHe's Always There
LyricsAl Stewart's cover version lyricsTurn Into Earth
LyricsWhat Do You Want
LyricsEver Since The World Began

Little Games

Recorded and released: 1967
Album cover

LyricsLittle Games
LyricsSmile On Me
InformationWhite Summer
LyricsTinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor
LyricsDrinking Muddy Water
LyricsNo Excess Baggage
LyricsStealing, Stealing
LyricsOnly The Black Rose
LyricsLittle Soldier Boy

Live Yardbirds! Featuring Jimmy Page

Recorded: 1968
Released: 1971

InformationLyricsTrain Kept A-Rollin'
LyricsYou're A Better Man Than I
LyricsI'm Confused (Dazed And Confused)
LyricsMy Baby
LyricsOver Under Sideways Down
LyricsDrinking Muddy Water
LyricsShapes Of Things
InformationWhite Summer
LyricsBo Diddley LyricsI'm A Man
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