Uruguay's capital is a two and a half hour bus ride from Colonia through green fields amid not-quite flat countryside. The old town is situated on a peninsula, with the expansive port to the north and the rest of the modern city spreading inland. There are plenty of architecturally interesting buildings, lots of them neo-classical, but one thing which struck me was the general lack of posher buildings alongside the riverfront. Instead plenty of generic, and sometimes run-down tower blocks line the boulevards which surround the old town. Walking inland a few blocks takes you to the nicer parts of the city.


The 'Antel' telecommunications tower offers a splendid view of the city. It's situated right above the port, and it's a little out of the old town, but from the viewing area on floor 26, you can see the extent of the whole city.

Antel Tower    Viewing the city from the 26th floor


Near the end of the peninsular, just past the last of the dock workings, this chimney stands on the rocks along the shoreline. Why is it there? It seems an unlikely place to build a chimney. There are signs of other walls having once stood alongside, but apart from the lines of the foundations, little more survives.

chimney on the shoreline rocks, with the promenade (pavement of the coastal road) alongside


I went swimming in the river/sea at Montevideo. Like in Colonia, it's really too shallow. But once again, it was a great way to cool down after the heat of the day, and the beach was walking distance from my hostel, directly passing the city's cathedral on the way.