Colonia del Sacramento is a classic holiday town. UNESCO world heritage old town, a small peninsula of low buildings and cobbled streets, with the river lapping on the gentle rocky shoreline.

alleyway in Colonia

The old lighthouse still flashes red at night, but during the day you can climb the narrow winding metal staircase to the top for a view of the old town.

Light in the lighthouse, with boat leaving port behind    lighthouse, Colonia

I went swimming at a small beach at the end of town. The water's dirty with sediment (it being the river estuary), and a bit shallow - I kept bumping my knees on the rocks underwater. Still, at the end of a hot day, it was very refreshing.

On the first night I enjoyed a Chivito (steak with ham, egg, bacon, chips, vegetables and salad) and later a fantastic 3-flavour ice-cream.



The second day brought thunderstorms and wind. After the rain stopped, I walked along the beach to the north of town, and I found an old ship by the beach on the south near the ferry port.

old ship, Colonia