A Tour of the Squares of London, 27th January 2001

Portman Square
Portman Square, 10:55 AM
Manchester Square
Manchester Square, 11:00 AM
Cavendish Square
Cavendish Square, 11:10 AM

Portman Square (TQ 281 813) is private, and it is nearly impossible to get more than a glimpse inside. Also closed to the public is Manchester Square (TQ 283 814). At least here, visibility is a bit better (although there isn't a lot to see). Further information on Portman Square and Manchester Square from georgianindex.net.

The park-like Cavendish Square (TQ 288 814) is within easy walking distance of Oxford Circus underground station, Oxford Street and Regent Street. It is therefore situated in a prime position for hotels and other expensive properties. The square fits well, but has a slightly untidy outlook. Further details.

Back south of the ever-busy Oxford Street, I found Hanover Square (TQ 289 811) to be smart and very well kept, but nevertheless not constrained. Find more about Hanover Square and an account of Berlioz's time spent here.

Near the south end of Carnaby Street, Golden Square (TQ 294 808) has long been in a popular and fashionable area. Bordered with impressive blocks, mainly offices I believe, the square is everything a London Square should be. It maintains a smart, quite formal appearance, and does not forget its history, but has an open and friendly atmosphere. More information.

Soho Square (TQ 297 813) is amazingly close to Oxford Street and Charing Cross Road, both packed with shoppers and traffic all the time. Yet it is a beautiful green space between some fine buildings. Get more on Soho Square here(originally named King's Square) and find an 1812 watercolour here.

Hanover Square
Hanover Square, 11:15 AM
Golden Square
Golden Square, 11:20 AM
Soho Square
Soho Square, 11:30 AM

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