A Tour of the Squares of London, 27th January 2001

Bedford Square
Bedford Square, 11:35 AM
Russell Square
Russell Square, 11:40 AM

There's not so much to say about Bedford Square (TQ 298 817) - but that you can't get a good view of it from anywhere.

Russell Square (TQ 301 820) is a small public park, edged with luxurious houses and hotels. It also has a London Underground station named after it, a distinction shared with only a few other prestigious squares. More information here.

On the map, three squares in the St Pancras area, situated on three sides of Coram's Fields, look as though they might share similar characteristics. However, upon arriving at each, I was surprised to find they were all very different. Brunswick Square (TQ 304 823) is a small leafy parkland area, pleasant enough. Regent Square (TQ 304 826) is similarly a grassy piece of land, but here surrounded with unattractive blocks of flats. By contrast Mecklenburgh Square (TQ 306 824) is in a more up-market residential area, and itself is a well-maintained private square.

Brunswick Square
Brunswick Square, 11:55 AM
Regent Square
Regent Square, 12:00 PM
Mecklenburgh Square
Mecklenburgh Square, 12:10 PM

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