A Tour of the Squares of London, 27th January 2001

Leicester Square
Leicester Square, 10:20 AM
Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Square, 10:30 AM

Leicester Square (TQ 298 807) was relatively quiet on a cold and clear January weekday morning. At night the pubs, clubs, restaurants, theatres, and of course cinemas (this is where many films have their British premiere) of the surrounding area all draw crowds to the square - this is the focus of entertainment in London. In the morning, before the tourists start arriving in force, however, the square is left to the few shoppers passing through. Check out this amazing 1750 engraving [georgianindex.net]... and some slightly more recent pictures from this webcam.

I moved on to nearby Trafalgar Square (TQ 300 804). (For those with an interest in sculpture, the work on the 'fourth plinth' at the time was Bill Woodrow's excellent "Regardless of History".)
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St James' Square (TQ 295 804) is the first of the squares I visited which is closed to the public. Quite a large number of squares, particularly in the west of central London, are fenced and locked, and are typically only for use by paying local residents. More from georgianindex.net.

Situated in the expensive Mayfair area, Berkeley Square (TQ 288 806) is surrounded with an array of historic houses, in addition to some more modern office buildings. A picture from 1813 and further details.

Grosvenor Square (TQ 284 808) is one of the larger London squares. One side is the U.S. embassy, and the square itself contains a monument to President Roosevelt. More on Grosvenor Square

St James Square
St James Square, 10:35 AM
Berkeley Square
Berkeley Square, 10:45 AM
Grosvenor Square
Grosvenor Square, 10:50 AM

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