A Tour of the Squares of London, 27th January 2001

On the 27th January 2001 I toured many of the squares of London, by foot and by London Underground. I photographed each square, and the pages here include these and some description.

Leicester, Trafalgar, St James, Berkeley, Grosvenor Portman, Manchester, Cavendish, Hanover, Golden, Soho Bedford, Russell, Brunswick, Regent, Mecklenburgh Granville, Wilmington, Lloyd, Myddelton, Claremont Hoxton, Finsbury, Charterhouse Gray's Inn, Red Lion, Lincoln's Inn New Street, Gunpowder, Gough Trinity Sloane, Eaton, Belgrave, Chester Parliament Cabot, Canada legend:
blue lines where I walked between squares,
red lines where I took the tube between locations A diagram of my route around the Squares of London

A diagram of the route I took to visit the Squares of London.
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The locations of the squares are calculated accurately based on their actual grid references, but the scale of the map is estimated. And obviously the lines are only there to indicate the route - it isn't possible to walk in a straight line between one square and the next!
To give some idea of scale, it's about 300 metres between Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square, and about 9.5 kilometres between Sloane Square and Canada Square.

Text and Images Copyright © 2001-2002 David R Edgar
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