A long-overdue status post

I realise I should have written this much earlier; the disappointment of having to stop walking prompted me to procrastinate and avoid making this unfortunate announcement.

After several weeks in Dalwhinnie and then Newtonmore seeing only very slow improvements, I decided to prematurely end the walk where I got to, close to Ben Alder Lodge. Returning home, I had a series of sessions of physiotherapy over four weeks, which seemed to identify the actual injury, if not the exact cause, and go a long way to healing it. It eventually took until early November for my knee to stop hurting, practically three months after it first happened. So I am at least confident I made the right decision: walking on further would have only made it worse, and I don't think there's any chance I'd have been able to complete another three months.

However, the watershed route still remains to be walked. Realistically, I don't plan to attempt the entire route again, and have to repeat what I've done already; instead I intend to continue walking the remaining distance in a number of stages over coming years.

In the meantime, I have been and will be travelling (and hiking) elsewhere in the world. If all goes to plan, I'll be returning to carry on up Ben Alder and initially on at least as far as Tyndrum sometime in 2015. I'll keep this page alive and update it with further plans.

If you're interested in hearing about it next time I update, then you can either follow the RSS/Atom feed (see the link above) or email me any time (david.r.edgar@gmail.com) and I'll keep you informed as and when I've something more to say.