8th August 2013

Made it through the Rough Bounds, and “turned the corner” - now heading east towards the Great Glen. Not even crossed a road for 4 days, so a bit of civilisation will be welcome.

Weather's been changeable, but the ground is really sodden, resulting in wet feet every day - neither pleasant nor good for lots of mileage. Am several days behind the estimates I made at Kinlochewe…

Stayed at Kinbreack bothy last night. Two friendly couples were also staying there, from whom I gladly scrounged spare food… (Looking forward to stocking up soon.) They, like most of the other people I've talked to about it, seemed very interested in my watershed walk.

South Glen Shiel ridge very impressive… Decent views to start with before the rain set in. Didn't move from my tent the next day, the weather was so poor.

Hard work walking in the Rough Bounds, but it's an amazing place, as rough as its name suggests in terms of terrain, contours and remoteness.

Camping high on Geal Charn now, just had breakfast and about to pack up and make a move. A few tough hills to come, even though I've now done all the Munros on the watershed north of the Great Glen.