A Tour of the Squares of London, 27th January 2001

Gray's Inn Square
Gray's Inn Square, 1:50 PM
South Square (Gray's Inn)
South Square (Gray's Inn), 1:55 PM
Red Lion Square
Red Lion Square, 2:05 PM

Gray's Inn and Lincoln's Inn are two of the four ancient Inns of Court.
The smaller of the two (at least in terms of area on the ground) appears to be Gray's Inn. The main courtyard is Gray's Inn Square (TQ 310 818), and is a quiet but functional square. South Square (TQ 310 817) is really more of a car-park than a square; Although it does manage a statue in the small area of grass in the centre. Many of the buildings surrounding the two squares are relatively modern.

Red Lion Square (TQ 306 817) is a small, quiet square. Some paths wind around several grassy sections. Some more information.

Lincoln's Inn Fields (TQ 308 814) is not a square by name. But it is a square as much as many named squares. It's a large area, mainly grassy, with a central concrete section, and bordered by roads. Here's a bit of history about it from georgianindex.net.

New Square (TQ 310 813), in Lincoln's Inn, has a grand lawn covering most of the square - definitely not one for walking on. The older buildings surrounding it are much more suited to the Inn than those at Gray's Inn. Old Square (TQ 310 814) appears to live up to its name; it has an atmosphere suggesting antiquity.

Lincolns Inn Fields
Lincolns Inn Fields, 2:15 PM
New Square (Lincoln's Inn)
New Square (Lincoln's Inn), 2:20 PM
Old Square (Lincoln's Inn)
Old Square (Lincoln's Inn), 2:25 PM

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